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Khao Yai National Park The ‘green lungs’ of Bangkok

It was 1962, when the Thai government decided to establish Khao Yai National Park covering the area of huge 2168 square kilometer; one can evaluate the importance of this park that in 1984 it was declared as ...

Vanuatu The gourmet capital of the South Pacific

Vanuatu is in the western South Pacific, north of New Caledonia and west of Fiji. It is an archipelago of over 80 islands, spread over the ocean in a Y shape.

Tonga A Home of Friendly Islands

Actually, a word from several Polynesian languages, Tonga stands for South, some of the records have revealed that the original inhabitants of Tonga migrated from the ...

Kenya Airways has launched Ouagadougou Flights

Nairobi-Kenya Airways will  offer services between Ouagadougou and Cotonou in neighboring Benin twice a week on Monday’s and Fridays.

Africa Travel Association Announces Impact of 36th Annual Congress on Africa’s Tourism Industry

The Africa Travel Association, a world leader in promoting tourism to Africa, announced major industry milestones at the travel trade association’s 36th Annual World Congress in ...

USTOA Member Tours Target Special-Interest Buffs

As tours have become increasingly sophisticated, they are targeting life interests more and more, according to USTOA President Terry Dale.

Malta’s Many Attractions Best Accessed from Centrally-Located Palace and Victoria Hotels

Malta’s location in the center of the Mediterranean, with its natural harbors and experienced sailors, has for centuries established it as an important port of ...

Yucatan’s Mundo Maya Tourism Fair Promotes “2012 – Year of Maya Culture”

The Mundo Maya Tourism Fair hosted in Yucatan’s capital, Merida, “city of peace”, June 19 – 20, 2011, afforded an enticing glimpse into the splendors of this vast ...

Collette Vacations Offers Reduced Companion Air for Canada Tours, Savings up to $500 per Couple

Travel agents who count on the Canadian Rockies during the popular summer months now have another reason to introduce their clients to Collette Vacations.

Life’s a Cool Breeze This Summer…In Malta!

Summer in Malta can be said to reflect the character of Mediterranean people; exotically attractive, warm & full of colour.
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